Tim Stonor on creating a “smart” urban planning strategy

Keynote at Metropolitan Cities Conference, Aachen

Tim Stonor on Smart Cities

Approaches and experiences of Smart Cities

Introduction to Space Syntax

Short version with Chinese subtitles
Bennetts Associates Architects

Dr Eime Tobari

Workplace Design Co-presence and Innovation

Dr Kerstin Sailer

Five Things You Might Not Know About Offices

Gavin Hale-Brown

From Table to Table

Max Martinez

Bringing the city into the station: the value of embedded movement

Paul Murrain

Streets and stations

Camilla Ween

A look at 3 mega-projects

Andy Harris

Places of human engagement

Fred Pilbrow

Selected public realm collaborations with Tim Stonor

Cany Ash

The Case for Smart Curation

Prof Alan Penn

Smart Cities or Smart Citizens?

Anna Rose

The need for network modelling of active transport modes in cities

Huw Thomas and Sam Martin

SkyCycle: a new approach to transforming cycling in the Capital

Patricia Brown

Lessons from The Business Cycle and other projects

Ben Plowden

Overview of current policy in relation to active travel modes

Bill Hillier

From the archive: Tomorrow’s World Film, BBC © 1993

Vince Cable on Space Syntax

“A brilliant designer…a brilliant technology.”

Introduction to Space Syntax

Version with Chinese subtitles


Multi-scale spatial accessibility analysis

Alan Penn

UCL Advances Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
Spatial Layout Efficiency