Ioanna Kolovou


BArch MArch MRes
+44 20 7400 1320


Ioanna Kolovou is an Associate at Space Syntax. She holds a background in architecture and urban design and she has gained further research experience in spatial analysis with her Master of Research in Interdisciplinary Urban Design at the Bartlett in 2014.

While she has been involved in various projects in the UK and worldwide that include masterplan development, pedestrian forecast model, buildings and public realm design assessment, her interest focuses on analysing large-scale urban systems to address socio-spatial inequalities in cities. She was involved in Tombolo, a project that developed a set of tools for policy makers, planners, urban analysts and designers to interconnect urban models. Her research on that project involves the exploration of urban models and the design of processes and tools to support the creation and the integration of urban models.

Ioanna has led the migration of Space Syntax processes from proprietary GIS software to open source GIS software. As part of this work, she has created open source QGIS plug-ins for network generation, simplification and analysis using Python programming language.

In addition to Python, her specialist skills include spatial database system management to support the creation of Integrated Urban Models with the use of data mining APIs, data analysis, spatial analysis and data integration. She has been exploring the creation of integrated models of cities in ways that indicate how spatial conditions affect the performance of cities, areas and neighbourhoods in relation to social, economic and health factors. Her work includes the analysis of street networks in combination with transport networks, the analysis of land use patterns and the integration of behavioural data to explore relationships between the spatial characteristics of places and their socio-economic aspects.


2015  Honorary Research Fellow, The Bartlett, University College London.


2014  MRes Inter-disciplinary in Urban Design, The Bartlett, University College London

2013  BArch and MArch in Architecture Technical University, Athens, Greece

2010  Bradenburgische Technische Universitat Cottbus, Erasmus Programme.