Thriving life in buildings & urban places

Space Syntax provides creative expertise in data-driven architecture & urban planning.

Combining global design experience with powerful digital technologies, we help shape policies, planning strategies & design proposals that benefit people, property & the environment.






From individual buildings to entire cities, we create compelling visions of the future that enhance the lives of the people that use them. 

We deliver expert urban planning & design advice at all stages of the project lifecycle: from site assessment & policy review to design evaluation & in-use appraisal.

We train individuals & organisations in the use of the Space Syntax approach: from executive training events to advanced-user courses.

Through in-house research, as well as partnerships with academic institutions worldwide, we investigate the fundamental issues that will shape the future of buildings & urban places.

We develop architectural & urban modelling systems, creating powerful tools to forecast the human performance of buildings & urban places.