Arizona State University, Arizona
Analysis of the existing campus layout and development of a masterplan concept for a major site at the gateway between the university and downtown Tempe, with Foster and Partners and Behnisch, Behnisch & Partners for Arizona State University.

Beijing National Museum, Beijing
Development of building layout and visitor circulation concepts for the reconfiguration of the entire museum, with Foster and Partners.

Bowater House, London
Analysis of spatial layout and pedestrian activity patterns and generation of strategic design guidelines for a large, mixed-use development, with Hamilton Associates for Land Securities Group PLC.

British Museum, London
Analysis of visitor circulation patterns and spatial layout, for the British Museum.

Hamburg-Hafencity, Germany
Development of site masterplan for a major, mixed-use development in the centre of Hamburg with Foster and Partners.

Harvard University, Harvard
Development of concepts for a major expansion of the university southwards across the Charles River. Pedestrian activity survey and city-scale spatial layout analysis, with Foster and Partners for Boston University.

London Aquatics Centre, London
Visitor circulation and site masterplanning advice for the design and integration of a major sporting facility within the overall Olympic masterplan, with FaulknerBrowns and Make Architects for the London Development Agency.

Milan Lombardy, Milan
Pedestrian activity and public realm study leading to the development of a site strategy and building design layout for the new headquarters of the Lombardy government, with Foster and Partners for the Lombardy Regional Government’s New Seat.

Monaco, Monaco
Development of site masterplan for a major, mixed-use development in the centre of Monaco with Foster and Partners.

Newcastle Central Library, Newcastle
Internal layout and external public realm design advice for the redevelopment of the city’s principle library facility, with FaulknerBrowns for Newcastle City Council.

Old Market Square, Nottingham
Site analysis and public realm design input, with Gustafson Porter for Nottingham City Council. Competition winning entry.

Paddington Royal Mail , London
Site analysis and conceptual public realm design advice for the redevelopment of a site adjacent to Paddington railway station, with KPF Architects.

Parliament Square, London
Re-analysis of pedestrian activity patterns and conceptual design advice for the redesign of Parliament Square, for Transport for London and the Greater London Authority.

Tokyo Shopping Centre, Japan
Customer circulation survey, spatial layout analysis and sales evaluation, leading to the construction of a customer circulation mode and strategic design guidelines for the redevelopment of a major, multi-level retail centre in Tokyo, for the centre owners and investors.

Westminster Academy, London
Internal and external circulation advice relating to security and operational effectiveness, with AHMM Architects.