5th December 2014

12th August 2014

From the rational layout of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Administration Building to the playful slides inside Google’s headquarters, workplaces have been as varied and as rapidly evolving as the organisations they host. How and where we work continues to change as technology allows more people to work on the move.

15th July 2014

On 17th July 1989 University College London established Space Syntax Limited to protect, develop and disseminate its intellectual property: a unique, science-based, human-focused approach to spatial analysis.

25 years later, our mission remains the same.

9th May 2014

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is London’s newest public space. Opened over the Easter Weekend it creates a new destination for millions. The aim of the park is to connect globally and locally and the strength of its walking and cycling connections will be key to its long-term resilience.

27th March 2014

At Space Syntax we know that the success of places depends not only on their detailed design but also on the strength of their connections to the wider city.

11th February 2014

As the Internet creates greater levels of online connectivity, the demand for face-to-face human interaction, far from being replaced, is more valued than ever.

17th January 2014

Space Syntax is delighted to announce its sponsorship of The Academy of Urbanism’s Young Urbanists group.

9th January 2014

It’s an important year for Space Syntax, being the organisation’s 25th anniversary. This provides both an opportunity to reflect on historic events and a platform to speculate on future directions in urban planning, building design and spatial economics. We plan to do both!