10th February 2020

Anna Rose joined an interdisciplinary panel discussing the role that new theatre buildings can play in the public life of cities. She argued that well-designed theatres can address a number of urban objectives, supporting social cohesion by welcoming diverse audiences including ageing societies and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.  

In doing so, theatres can reach new audiences and justify their public funding. Cultural buildings should, Anna said, be open and accessible, providing unprogrammed spaces that people can freely occupy, engaging with new visitors through unpaid exhibitions and programmes, and providing glimpses of their back of house activities.  

Anna was in discussion with Ina Karr (Theatre Lucern), Prof. Jan Kazardig (FU Berlin) and Daniel Rosbottom (DRDH Architects). The event was moderated by Joerg Jung.  

Space Syntax provides spatial layout design services for theatres, museums and galleries that employ computer modelling tools to anticipate visitor behaviour patterns. Our portfolio includes the National Theatre, Royal Festival Hall and Royal Opera House in London.