28th February 2018

Anna Rose has been appointed to the Highways England Design Review Panel (HEDRP). Operated by the Design Council, the panel provides a significant opportunity for Highways England to incorporate good design into major road projects.

Anna said, “I am delighted to join the panel. I look forward to helping in the creation of a road network that is fundamental to the prosperity of the country”.

The panel, comprising of experts from the fields of architecture, environment, heritage, design and engineering, upholds the design vision and principles of Good Road Design and ensures its application to individual road schemes, programmes, standards and specific elements of the Strategic Road Network.

Highways England state “The Design Panel is built into the Highways England licence and is an essential part of a broader vision for the future of the road network. The intention is to harness the engineering and design talent this country has to further develop a network that whilst durable and effective, is something people can enjoy and be proud of.”