11th January 2018

Space Syntax has been working with Atkins to develop a masterplan for the new city of Duqm, Oman. A future city with commercial, cultural and government services to host a population of 250,000 people, Duqm is undergoing a large urban expansion, representing huge economic potential.

We undertook a robust analysis of the masterplan, utilising Spatial Network Modelling techniques alongside multi-disciplinary data reviews and research to develop a comprehensive baseline assessment of the existing situation, providing a solid foundation for Masterplan development.

Our Associate Atakan Guven said of the project “It was a great experience to work with the project partners and client to bring the evidence-based methodologies of Space Syntax to the design of a new city. Acknowledging Duqm’s natural constraints, we were able to design a movement network that balances both the pedestrian realm necessary for communities and the global vehicular network essential for Duqm’s port activities”.

Working around topographical and hydrological constraints, a well-structured and spatially-integrated city grid was designed connecting key sub-centres and activity areas. Using Integrated Urban Modelling, Space Syntax combined spatial layout opportunities with hydrological and topographical constraints.

Combining technology, ability and extensive global experience, we targeted the social, economic and environmental value that good planning and design bring. We showed how value can be created through the analysis, understanding and skilful manipulation of space.