8th February 2018

EPUM is an international research project, funded by Erasmus+, which aims at the integration of different urban form research and teaching approaches through pedagogic innovation and Information and Communication Technology. The project focuses on developing an innovative, open and inclusive system of teaching and training in urban form research, capable of enabling current and future generations of planning and design professionals to effectively address the many challenges faced by contemporary cities.

Cities today are characterized by a variety of socio-spatial patterns and increasing social, economic, and political fragmentation strongly related to their urban form. Urban authorities, policy makers, urban designers and scholars are all called upon to respond to such challenges, and a variety of approaches on understanding urban form has developed. However, these are characterized by specific national trends and have seen the emergence of separate schools of thought, and have traditionally been applied in isolation.

A joint project between Space Syntax, University of Cyprus, University of Porto, Sapienza, University of Rome and SKUOR, Technische Universität Wien, the project acknowledges the need to establish a network linking different approaches in learning environment that encourages the exchange of knowledge. This meeting point will encourage the dissemination of findings and afford the opportunity to establish common theoretical foundations for the growing number of urban form studies around the world.