22nd June 2012

PLOY Public Life in the Olympic Year is the London Festival of Architecture‘s official photo competition project, organised by Space Syntax and Hype!

How do people engage playfully with the city and its public spaces, as well as with each other? The project aims to open eyes to ways in which people respond to the urban context and explore the use of technology as a means to communicate with others and to celebrate new ways of creativity and participation. Participants will be invited to submit their photos via mobile phones to the PLOY Blog, virtually geo-tag them and also to participate online in the democratic rating and judging of the competition entries. One of the outcomes will be a substantial bottom up record of public London Life in the Olympic Year 2012.

The PLOY website was launched and opened for entries and rating on 22nd June 2012, with some fantastic prizes on offer.  A private view of  entries and the announcement of winners will take place at Space Syntax’s and Hype’s studio in Brownlow Mews on 5th July 2012.  The competition will invite commentary and debate from the public, as well as from leading figures from the fields of architecture, urbanism and photography.