Case Studies

Changchun, Urban Space Strategy


Project Director
Ed Parham

HYHW Architects

City of Changchun

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Spatial strategy for the location of local centres & principal boulevards

The opportunity

Beijing-based HYHW Architects were invited by the municipality of Changchun to create an urban space development strategy for Changchun City in the north-east of China. The previously proposed growth strategy did not address the fragmented nature of the city’s town centre network. Space Syntax was therefore appointed to carry out background research, case study analysis, detailed spatial analysis and to make strategic recommendations for the integrated development of the city.

Our contribution

Space Syntax’s contribution to the study included the development of design principles based on comparative case study analyses of historic urban growth patterns in London, Barcelona, Skelmersdale and Jeddah. The application of these design principles assisted in the creation of a spatial strategy for the Changchun city region, including plans at a neighbourhood scale.

The outcome

Space Syntax’s recommendations encouraged the municipality of Changchun to reconsider its previous strategy and instead to develop a growth plan that was better integrated at both regional and neighbourhood scales.

Proposed spatial accessibility pattern of Changchun
Existing spatial accessibility pattern of Changchun