Case Studies

Chengdu, Wenjiang


Project Director
Ed Parham

HYHW Architects

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Existing spatial accessibility pattern of Chengdu

The opportunity

Beijing-based HYHW Architects were invited to develop an urban masterplan in Chengdu City near Wenjiang. Space Syntax was appointed to undertake a strategic analysis of the design proposals including site and case study analysis and design recommendations.

Our contribution

Through a series of baseline analysis, the strategic masterplan was assessed according to its location, linkages, street layout, land use pattern and landscape character. This led to the creation of a series of design recommendations for the masterplan.

The outcome

Space Syntax’s recommendations  highlighted the need for the creation of a pedestrian-oriented street network  and land use pattern. Working closely with the HYHW team, our recommendations were translated into final design proposals through a series of design workshops.

Space Syntax's recommendations for land use & density distribution
Visualisation of the masterplan proposals