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Victoria Station

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Tim Stonor

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Passenger Flows

Observation study of existing passenger activity, Victoria Station, London

Space Syntax was an industrial sponsor and project manager in the “RaCMIT” (Refurbishment and Customer Movement Integration Tool) research project. We worked alongside University College London, Railtrack PLC, British Land PLC and Laing PLC. The research investigated the effects of refurbishment in complex buildings on pedestrian movement patterns, and developed a model for forecasting the likely effects of proposed refurbishment works.

The research project analysed two case studies where the interaction between refurbishment and pedestrian movement is critical to business performance.

The objectives of the research at Victoria have been to investigate differences in pedestrian activity before and during refurbishment works in the station. These involved the closure of an important pedestrian route into the station.

In particular, the research has aimed to:

  • establish patterns of movement at different times of the day during a weekday and weekend, both before and during the closure
  • analyse the dispersal patterns of pedestrians to and from the station and surrounding area
  • establish patterns of stationary pedestrian activity
  • analyse movement into station retail facilities
  • assess differences in spending patterns before and during the closure
  • assess the degree to which changes in spatial layout can be implicated in changes to the patterns of pedestrian movement and customer behaviour. Thus far the research has found that customer flows can be robustly forecast on the basis of spatial analysis, as can areas of informal stationary activity
'Spatial integration' analysis of urban context