Property developments

We work with the developers of complex real estate projects to shape patterns of effective footfall and space use and, in doing so, to enhance property values. From initial concept sketching and design testing, to planning negotiations and technical analyses, we provide a creative and evidence-rich approach to urban planning, design and impact forecasting.


There are two key stages to our approach:

Stage 1  Urban Baseline Study

At the diagnostic stage, we undertake research and generate insights to help designers, managers and occupiers understand how and why urban places perform the way they do. We build Integrated Urban Models that connect data on issues including movement, land use, land value and population census. The key output from this stage of work is an Urban Baseline Study, a highly illustrated report that contains key insights on how existing places work as well as the opportunities and constraints.

Stage 2  Design Strategy

The insights generated by the diagnostic stage are then used at the strategic design stage to provide an evidence-based, creative input to the planning and design of new places. We lead or support the production of planning strategies, urban masterplans and public space designs, using evidence-based forecast models to demonstrate how design proposals are going to work in terms of their social, economic and environmental performance. Our work is highly visual, engaging and designed to communicate with both technical and non-technical audiences.  



Technical note: the Space Syntax approach