18th August 2015

Urban planning and design consultancy Space Syntax is pleased to announce that it is now employee–owned. This change of ownership structure follows approval by the Board of Directors on 30th July to create the Space Syntax Employee Ownership Trust, which will hold 75% of the company’s shares on behalf of staff members.

Established in 1989, Space Syntax Limited provides science-based and human-focused services in architecture, city planning, transport and property economics. The company was founded at University College London and now practises internationally as part of a group of companies with offices in London, Brussels, Sydney, Tokyo, Beijing and Barcelona.

Space Syntax has embraced employee-ownership to provide a stable base for future growth. The move is intended to preserve the Space Syntax ethos and culture over both the short and long term: projecting the creativity, competence and confidence of Space Syntax with a voice of authority and leadership.








“This is a significant and exciting step for Space Syntax. It underpins the value that the company places in its highly skilled and experienced staff. Employee ownership creates a platform for further innovation in our business, which we believe is needed to address the global urban planning challenges we can see.

Our mission is to disseminate the Space Syntax approach as an open-source, open-access technology, bringing a much-needed degree of evidence and analysis to the complex process of designing for successful human outcomes -places where people want to live, work and visit. Employee ownership is a key component of our strategy. We are all excited by this move and the opportunities it will bring.”

Tim Stonor
Managing Director, Space Syntax


“It is fantastic news that Space Syntax has made the transition to employee ownership. The success of the model has been proven, with employee owned companies achieving greater productivity and innovation, and has the advantage of greater resilience to economic turbulence. Space Syntax will be a valuable addition to the growing number of urban planning, design and architectural firms that have embraced employee ownership, joining what has become a vital part of the UK economy.”

Deb Oxley
Director of Membership, Employee Ownership Association