15th January 2018

The vast majority of ocean pollution comes from land not sea; from cities not ships – and especially from car tyres. This is why cities, public transport and active travel need to be central to the discussion at the UN Assembly.”
Tim Stonor

Tim Stonor attended the 2017 United Nations Environment Forum in December; the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment. The overarching theme was “Towards a Pollution Free Planet”, in which heads of state, ministers, business leaders, UN officials and civil society representatives gathered to address critical environmental challenges and commit to action.

Engaging with major groups for international environmental governance enables different stakeholders: Governments, Civil Society/Major Groups, Science and Private Sectors to work together to tackle the unprecedented challenges being faced globally.

In a statement made after the event, the world’s ministers of environment affirmed their belief that “every one of us should be able to live in a clean environment. Any threat to our environment is a threat to our health, our society, our ecosystems, our economy, our security, our well-being and our very survival. That threat is already upon us: pollution is cutting short the lives of millions of people every year.”

Please consider joining the Pollution-Free Planet movement by signing the Beat Pollution Pledge and making a commitment to reducing your pollution footprint.