2nd May 2017

Join us for the “City Walk” on 17th June. This walking tour will explore the network of spacebetween buildings in the City and the unique social culture associated with it. Along the way, experienced Space Syntax “tour guides” will discuss and illustrate the fundamental links between the layout of the City – its ‘movement network’ – and the way people navigate and experience its spaces.

The City Walk will start from the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral and finish at The City Centre with an exhibition of the Bartlett School of Architecture’s MSc Space Syntax: Architecture and Cities students’ research and urban design projects, focussing on City of London sites. Using Space Syntax’s evidence-based analytics and observation methods, the project seeks to identify the strengths and weaknesses of specific areas in the City of London and in response develop strategic design ideas for the buildings and public spaces.

The project is a collaborative effort between Space Syntax, UCL, the City of London and The City Centre.

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