4th May 2012

Space Syntax is part of two winning teams in the prestigious competition to redesign the National Mall in Washington DC:

Union Square, in front of the US Capitol, where Space Syntax has worked with Gustafson Guthrie Nichol and Davis Brody Bond to develop a design that provides better pedestrian access and a higher quality of public realm while also improving security around the Capitol.

The Sylvan Theater, at the foot of the Washington Monument, where Space Syntax has worked with OLIN & Weiss Manfredi to reorient the theatre back towards the Washington Monument to the north and provide improved pedestrian connections towards the Jefferson Memorial to the south, including a treetop skywalk and at-grade street crossings.

Space Syntax created a Spatial Accessibility Model of the National Mall and central Washington DC, using software developed at University College London. The model was used to measure the strength of the existing pedestrian movement network and then to recommend spatial design improvements.

Space Syntax director, Anna Rose said: “We are delighted to be part of the two winning teams. Pedestrian activity on the National Mall needs to be both safe and enjoyable. Our work identified opportunities to improve the current conditions for visitors, making new connections across the landscape, which make it easier to move from monument to monument. The designs also connect the National Mall more effectively into the surrounding city. We look forward to developing the schemes, to seeing them built and then to walking in the dynamic pedestrian environments that they will create. ”

The competition wins were announced yesterday, 3rd May 2012, by The Trust for the National Mall in Washington DC.

A third site, Constitution Gardens, was won by Rogers Marvel Architects & Peter Walker and Partners. Space Syntax competed for this site with the OLIN & Weiss Manfredi team.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Anna Rose, please contact:

Susannah Williams
Studio Manager, Space Syntax Limited

+44 20 7400 1320