4th July 2011

Loeb Fellowship Classes of 2011 & 2012
Tim Stonor is sixth from left.

Space Syntax Managing Director, Tim Stonor has returned to the London studio following his year-long Loeb Fellowship at Harvard University.

The Loeb Fellowship was founded in 1970 with a gift from John L. Loeb and his wife, Frances Lehman Loeb. Mr. Loeb was distressed with the turmoil exploding in US cities at the time. He thought a year to pause, study, and reflect at a great University would enable those who designed and built our cities to return with renewed insight and energy.

The Loeb offers multiple benefits. Public seminars and participation in a studio course provide engagement with the pedagogical environment at the GSD. Weekly dinners with guests invited by the Fellows continue to provide a rich experience each year. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the interaction with Loeb classmates. Each class of nine or ten Fellows includes a diverse mix of professional interests, geographic locations, career trajectories and practitioner skills. Intentional and serendipitous encounters provide opportunity for the unhurried, thoughtful conversations that often bring the greatest learning and are so rare in normal professional life.

The Loeb alumni/ae network now extends to over 400 active, engaged, thoughtful professionals spread throughout the world.

During his time at Harvard, Tim has created a Business Plan that focuses on the dissemination of Space Syntax’s knowledge and technology.

Watch this space for further developments…