1st December 2012

Organised by the Moscow City Government, the Moscow Urban Forum is a high-profile event for the exchange of ideas between growing and established global cities. Space Syntax Managing Director Tim Stonor will speak on 4th December alongside the Chief Architect of Moscow, Sergey Kuznetsov in a session devoted to spatial masterplanning:

The Master Plan — the New Spatial Policy
The general plan of a city consists of the right to regulate construction activity within a particular territory. It is not a plan for urban planning activities, but a system of coordinates for these activities. we know the advantages of these systems. But its downsides lie in the fact that architects cannot respond to the municipal agenda and cannot advance their own agendas. The city has its own economic, social and ideological agendas. How are these agendas transformed into cohesive architecture and urban planning? What instrument should be used for this transformation? The General Plan? The Master Plan? Conceptual tenders? How are such problems resolved in other megacities around the world?

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