• Arbeitsplätze
  • Bildung
  • Building planning & design
  • Cultural buildings
  • Education
  • Einzelhandel
  • Gebäudeplanung & Design
  • Gesundheitswesen
  • Healthcare
  • Kulturelle Gebäude
  • Regional & urban plans
  • Regionale und städtische Pläne
  • Retail
  • Seite Entwicklungsstrategien
  • Site development strategies
  • Städtische Masterplan
  • Stadtplanung und-gestaltung
  • Straßen, Parks und öffentliche Räume
  • Streets, parks & public spaces
  • Transport
  • Urban masterplans
  • Urban planning & design
  • Verkehr
  • Workplaces
  • 交通建筑
  • 办公建筑
  • 区域与城市规划
  • 卫生健康建筑
  • 场地发展战略
  • 城市总图设计
  • 城市规划与设计
  • 建筑规划与设计
  • 教育建筑
  • 文化建筑
  • 街道、公园以及公共空间
  • 零售商业建筑
  • Case Studies

    A beginner-level introduction to spatial accessibility modelling and analytic methods used by Space Syntax in urban planning practice.

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    19th Apr 2023
    09:00-17:00 GMT+1

    GBP 450

    10% discount for students, researchers & academic staff.

    5% discount to individuals who have already attended a Space Syntax training course between February and June 2023.

    10% discount to individuals booking all upcoming Space Syntax training courses between February and June 2023.

    Course objectives

    Learning principles of preparing axial maps, running space syntax analysis in DepthmapX and interpreting analysis results of urban environments.

    1. Drawing & preparing space syntax maps of towns & cities using axial lines.

    2. Learning principles of natural movement.

    3. In-depth understanding of space syntax spatial analysis measures.

    4. Running space syntax analysis in DepthmapX.

    5. Interpreting the results of the spatial analysis.

    8 hours.


    “This is a course that delivers what it says on the box and so much more. If you’re a movement/ planning specialist, it also gives you the opportunity to learn about a consultancy at the forefront of your field, directly from the consultants themselves, how they approach projects and how they tackle challenges in modelling and communicating the best insights to clients.”

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