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Nur-Sultan Masterplan 2030

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Ed Parham

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City of Nur-Sultan

Deploying a unique, ‘digital design’ approach, Space Syntax has led an international team of consultants to improve, intensify & grow the capital city of Kazakhstan.

Project objectives

To create a comprehensive plan for the physical and spatial development of Nur-Sultan to 2030 and, in doing so, to support the evolution of the city so that it is:

  • liveable
  • sustainable
  • healthy.

Key features of the Nur-Sultan 2030 Masterplan

The masterplan is based on rigorous research into the current performance of the city, analysis of population and job growth forecasts, and careful identification of future opportunities.

It demonstrates how the three key objectives can be delivered through a targeted set of development proposals, with a focus on:

– improving accessibility to jobs, schools, leisure and health facilities by the targeted location of new buildings and the creation of a continuously connected network of streets, parks and public spaces

– increasing the walkability of the city through careful ‘urban design’ of individual streets

– enabling cost effective and efficient public transport services with the creation of a network of ‘Urban Spines’ around which denser levels of ‘transit-oriented development’ will be located.

Most importantly, the masterplan proposes the improvement and intensification of the existing city before growth of the built footprint of Nur-Sultan into the surrounding natural environment. It identifies underused and otherwise ‘opportune’ parts of the city and illustrates how these can be improved and enhanced through a set of Urban Planning and Design Elements:

– a 2030 Growth Boundary and Opportunity Areas

– Centres of Economic Activity

– Urban Spines

– Green Spines

– Energy

– Waste

– Clean Industry.

as well as a series of Key Projects:

– Teknopark

– Shubar

– Eurasia

– Nur Zhol, City Centre.

The Nur-Sultan 2030 Masterplan employs a unique, Integrated Urban Modelling approach – pioneered by Space Syntax – that connects datasets on land use attraction, transport infrastructure and spatial layout connectivity and, by doing so, provides a data-driven tool for integrated design development, proposal evaluation and decision-taking. It draws on over 30 years of Space Syntax’s urban planning and design experience worldwide, incorporating principles of spatial planning and design that have been demonstrated through practice to deliver the liveable, sustainable and healthy outcomes of the project brief.

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